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Summer 2018 Syllabi


Note: Schedule of Classes Subject To Change.
*Syllabi/website links may not be up to date until the semester begins.

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Instructor Course Number Course Name View Syllabus
 Bae, Kiwan 102 Sec. B1 Intro to Micro  
 Kadambe, Surabhi 102 Sec. B2 Intro to Micro  
 Liu, Han 102 Sec. B6 Intro to Micro  
 Hilton, Francis 102 Sec. B8 Intro to Micro  
 Lee, Won Hyung 102 Sec. H1 Intro to Micro  
 Luo, Suwei 102 Sec. H6 Intro to Micro  
 Okada, Daijiro 102 Sec. H7 Intro to Micro  
 Rojas, Freddy 103 Sec. B1 Intro to Macro  
 Elgawly, Michael 103 Sec. B2 Intro to Macro  
 Peng, Weijia 103 Sec. H1 Intro to Macro  
 Chaudhuri, Basanta 103 Sec. H6 Intro to Macro  
 Elgawly, Michael 103 Sec. H7 Intro to Macro  
 Wei, Fanle 300 Sec. B6 International Economics  
 Chaudhuri, Basanta 300 Sec. H7 International Economics  
 Kolchin, Vladimir 301 Sec. B6 Money & Banking  
 Wu, Yuanting 301 Sec. H6 Money & Banking  
 Clarke, Geoffrey 305 Sec. B1 Amer Economic History  
 Li, Wanjun 320 Sec. B1 Intermed Micro Anals  
 Kao, Han-Yen 320 Sec. B2 Intermed Micro Anals  
 Yang, Yutian 320 Sec. B6 Intermed Micro Anals  
 Yu, Bo 320 Sec. H1 Intermed Micro Anals  
 Choi, Jieun 320 Sec. H7 Intermed Micro Anals  
 Lee, Hyeon Ok 321 Sec. B1 Intermed Macro Anals  
 Zou, Xuan 321 Sec. B6 Intermed Macro Anals  
 Zhao, Zheng 321 Sec. H6 Intermed Macro Anals  
 Cassidy, Michael 322 Sec. B1 Econometrics  
 Landon-Lane, John 322 Sec. B6 Econometrics  
 Landon-Lane, John 322 Sec. B7 Econometrics  
 Cheng, Mingmiam 322 Sec. H1 Econometrics  
 Lee, Sung-Kyung 322 Sec. H6 Econometrics  
 Rojas, Freddy 322 Sec. H7 Econometrics  
 Warmingham, Dale 389 Sec. B1 Public Policy Towards Business  
  397 Sec. H1 Internship In Econ  
  398 Sec. H1 Independent Study  
 Wu, Yilin 402 Sec. B6 Labor Economics  
 DeMarco, Lauren 413 Sec. H1 Financial Economics  
 Li, Ning 417 Sec. B1 Health Economics  
 DeLia, Derek 417 Sec. H6 Health Economics  
 Gang, Ira 439 Sec. A1 Economic Development  
 Nosratabadi, Hassan 441 Sec. H6 Industrial Organization  

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