3. Electives that Only Count Towards the Economics Minor

3. Electives that Only Count Towards the Economics Minor

Note: the combination of 01:220:210 and 01:220:211, each of which is a 1.5 credit course, may be used to count for one of the four electives in the economics minor. Students who are able to satisfy the prerequisite for 01:220:211 with an appropriate statistics course do not need to take 01:220:210 (but are encouraged to do so), but in either case will also satisfy one of the four electives for the economics minor by completing 01:220:211.

01:220:308 Introduction to Managerial Economics (3)

Application of contemporary economic theory to managerial decisions and to public policy affecting business. Prerequisites: 01:220:102, 103. This course may not be used for major credit. Students cannot get minor credit for both 01:220:308 and 14:540:343.

01:220:212 Economic Data Analytics: Introduction to Data Management, Statistics and Regression Methods for Decision Making (3)

Introduction to data collection, visualization, analysis, and presentation; introduction to basic linear regression methods, hypothesis testing, and interpretation of estimates; use of Microsoft Excel and Regressit, an Excel ad-in, throughout. This course is equivalent to the 210-211 sequence. Prerequisite: 01:640:026 or placement into higher level mathematics. Not available for economics major credit. Course does satisfy the statistics pre-requisite for 01:220:322.