4. Lower Level Electives

4. Lower Level Electives

01:220:398,399 Independent Study in Economics (3,3)

Independent research supervised by a faculty member. Prerequisites: 01:220:102, 103. By permission of instructor and department. Maximum of two independent study courses in economics allowed.

01:220:397 Internship in Economics (1)

Supervised internship in economics-related position. Approval of the director of undergraduate studies and semester paper required. Prerequisites: 01:220:102, 103. Each student is limited to one internship in economics. Students are responsible for finding internships. Majors only. Graded Pass/No Credit.

01:220:395 Law and Economics (3)

Economic rationale and consequences of legal rules. Contracts, compensation, property rights, liability rules, crime, safety, monopoly, discrimination, health care, pollution, public interest law. Prerequisites: 01:220:102, 103.

01:220:396 Corporations, Bankruptcies, and Takeovers (3)

Origin and nature of corporations, corporate bankruptcy including liquidation and reorganization, mergers and acquisitions, takeover disputes. Prerequisites: 01:220:102, 103. Credit not given for both this course and 01:220:309.

01:220:390 Choice and Strategy in Politics (3)

Rational-choice approaches to understanding political behavior and institutions. Spatial models of direct and representative democracy; strategic behavior of political actors; ideal voting systems; selected applications in U.S. and other political systems. Cross listed with 01:790:390 in Political Science.