4. Lower Level Electives

4. Lower Level Electives

01:220:356 Economics of Latin America (3)

Survey of Latin American economic patterns and problems; specific studies of selected national economies and their relation to the world economy. Prerequisites: 01:220:320, 321, and 322. Credit not given for both 01:220:346 and 356.

01:220:350 Economics of Africa (3)

Structure and performance of the economies of Africa with an emphasis on the African Union. Prerequisites: 01:220:102, 103.

01:220:334 Energy Economics (3)

Economic analysis of energy problems. Critical examination of government energy policies. Prerequisites: 01:220:102, 103.

01:220:348 Economics of Social Welfare Programs (3)

Analysis of efficiency and equity effects of government welfare programs including cash assistance and Social Security. Evaluation of alternative assistance proposals. Prerequisites: 01:220:102, 103.

01:220:331 Economics of Crime (3)

Economic analysis of crime and the criminal justice system, criminal behavior, law enforcement, crime prevention, sentencing, capital punishment, organized crime, and the war on drugs. Prerequisites: 01:220:102, 103.