5. Upper Level Electives

5. Upper Level Electives

(Note that as of Fall 2016 all upper level electives have 400-level numbers. Credit will still be given for upper level electives taken prior to Fall 2016 that had a 300-level number. Several upper level electives that were previously 400-level have also been given new, also 400-level, numbers. In either case, credit will only be given for either the course with the pre-Fall 2016 number or the course with the new number. Specifics are noted for each course individually whose number has changed. A full concordance of all courses whose numbers have changed, with the old and new number, is available here .)

01:220:419 Managerial Economics (3)

Application of contemporary economic theory to managerial decisions and public policy affecting business. Incremental analysis; applications of linear programming to cost minimization and product mix; demand forecasting; pricing problems; and issues of public policy. Prerequisites: 01:220:320 and 322.

01:220:417 Health Economics (3)

Medical care costs; production of health; demand for health care and insurance; health services personnel; physician and hospital behavior; cost containment; review and evaluation of public programs. Prerequisites: 01:220:320 and 322. Credit not given for both this course and 01:220:316 or 10:832:332.

01:220:415 Portfolio Theory (3)

Selection of a financial portfolio under conditions of uncertainty. Treatment of risk. Case histories of investment fund performance. Prerequisite: 01:220:393 or 413.

01:220:416 Government Policies for Full Employment and Growth (3)

Alternative government policies to ensure fulfillment of the national goals of full employment, price stability, satisfactory growth, and balanced international payments. Prerequisites: 01:220:321 and 322.

01:220:414 Economics of Capital Markets (3)

Capital markets uncertainty; asset valuation; return on assets; determinants of relative yields. Theories of stock and bond market activity. Innovations in financial instruments. Prerequisites: 01:220:321, 322, and either 393 or 413. (Credit not given for both this course and 01:220:394)