5. Upper Level Electives

5. Upper Level Electives

(Note that as of Fall 2016 all upper level electives have 400-level numbers. Credit will still be given for upper level electives taken prior to Fall 2016 that had a 300-level number. Several upper level electives that were previously 400-level have also been given new, also 400-level, numbers. In either case, credit will only be given for either the course with the pre-Fall 2016 number or the course with the new number. Specifics are noted for each course individually whose number has changed. A full concordance of all courses whose numbers have changed, with the old and new number, is available here .)

01:220:403 Special Topics in Labor Markets (3)

Analysis of topics such as hours of work, fertility and population, mobility, job search, and unemployment. Investment in human capital, wage and retirement policies, and occupational training. Prerequisites: 01:220:320 and 322. (Credit not given for both this course and 01:220:304)

01:220:402 Labor Economics (3)

The firm's labor demand, the household's labor supply, and wage determination in competitive and noncompetitive markets. Economics of unions. Human capital, occupational choice, wage structure, and unemployment. Prerequisites: 01:220:320 and 322. (Credit not given for both this course and 01:220:302)

01:220:400 Advanced Time Series and Financial Econometrics (3)

Application of multivariate time series methods to economics and finance. Upper level elective. Prerequisites: 01:220:320, 321, and 322.

01:220:401 Advanced Cross-Sectional and Panel Econometrics (3)

Topics in cross-sectional and panel econometrics, with a basic introduction to time series econometrics. Topics include fixed effects, panel data, instrumental variables and simultaneous equation methods, limited dependent variable models, duration models, financial models, and macroeconomic models. Emphasis on application of these methods to economic issues with focus on computer exercises. Prerequisites: 01:220:320, 321, and 322. Open to students doing honors research or by special permission.