The new Minor in Quantitative Economics permits quantitatively well-prepared students to do the core of the Economics major, and gives them access to the Certificate Programs in Economics, with fewer required electives than the full Major in Economics.

This minor requires a total of 18 credits in economics.

Specific requirements for the Minor in Quantitative Economics:

One upper level (i.e., 400-level) elective in economics from the following list:

All of these 400 level courses have an additional prerequisite of Calculus II (01:640:136 or 152) with a grade of C or better.  One grade of D is allowed for this minor.

Students completing this minor may, opt to pursue the Certificate Programs in Economics, including the Certificate in Economic Theory, the Certificate in Computational Economics and Data Analytics, the Certificate in Financial Economics, the Certificate in Global Economics, or the Certificate in Public Policy Economics.  Details on the Certificates are elsewhere on the Economics web page.

Note that accounting courses cannot be used towards either minor.  Only two courses outside of the Economics Department in Rutgers-New Brunswick will be accepted towards either minor.

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