Faculty Research Biographies

Economics Faculty

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Rosanne Altshuler
Department Chair

Public Economics; Economics of Taxation
Douglas Blair Microeconomic Theory; Industrial Organization;
Formal Methods in Political Science
Michael Bordo Monetary History; Economic History
Colin Campbell Microeconomic Theory; Economics of Information
Oriol Carbonell-Nicolau Game Theory; Public Economic Theory
Roberto Chang Macroeconomics; Monetary Theory
Cristina Fuentes-Albero Macroeconomics; Applied Econometrics
Ira Gang Economic Development; Population
Gary Gigliotti Microeconomics; Experimental Economics
Joseph P. Hughes Microeconomics; Financial Intermediation;
Governance and Market Discipline
Jennifer Hunt
Labor Economics

Mark Killingsworth Labor/Human Resources
Roger Klein Econometrics
John Landon-Lane Macroeconomics; Econometrics
Jae Won Lee Macroeconomics; Monetary Economics
Richard McLean Microeconomics; Industrial Organization
Bruce Mizrach Macroeconomics; Financial Economics
Carolyn Moehling
Director of Undergraduate

Economic History; Labor/Human Resources
Martin K. Perry Microeconomics; Industrial Organization
Anne Morrison Piehl Labor/Human Resources; Law and Economics
Thomas Prusa Microeconomics; International Economics

Mary Rigdon

Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics
Hugh Rockoff Monetary Theory; Economic History
Jeffrey Rubin

Public Economics; Health Economics
Louise Russell Public Economics; Health Economics
Neil Sheflin Econometrics; Macroeconomics
Hilary Sigman Environmental Economics; Public Economics
Barry Sopher

Microeconomics; Game Theory
Tomas Sjostrom
James Cullen Chair in Economics

Microeconomics; Industrial Organization
Norman R. Swanson
Graduate Program Director
Hiroki Tsurumi Econometrics
Eugene White Monetary and Financial History