How will I know if I am admitted?
You can check your admission status on the Graduate Admissions web portal. After you are admitted, the Graduate Admission Office will send out an official notification of admission, along with other materials. Your admission is official when you receive the letter from the Graduate Admissions Office.
If I am international student, how do I obtain my I-20?
If you are an international student and were awarded a fellowship, the Graduate Admissions Office will send your official letter of admission and your I-20. If you did not receive a fellowship, then the Admissions Office will send you a letter informing you that you need to send financial documentation before they can issue the I-20. Information on forms required for international students can be found at the Graduate Admissions website:

How do I find housing at Rutgers?
Once you notify Admissions that you plan to enter the program in the Fall,  you will receive information on housing. Rutgers offers dormitory and suite accommodations and family housing. There is often a wait for family housing. We recommend you apply for housing as soon as possible. Here is a resource for finding on-and off-campus housing:

When should I arrive on campus?
We recommend that students arrive in mid-August to attend our week-long math review (see below). Students not attending the math review are expected to arrive the last week in August. International students must arrive in time to attend orientation.

When do classes start?
Classes start the beginning of September, with the exact date depending on the Labor Day holiday.
The Rutgers Academic Calendar can be found here:

What transportation is available to reach Rutgers?
The closest and most convenient airport for Rutgers is Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) in New Jersey and is about 45 minutes away from campus. To get to New Brunswick from the Newark airport, you can take the NJ Transit Northeast corridor train. Another option is the State Shuttle (1-800-427-3207).

You can also arrive at JFK airport in New York, but it is more difficult and expensive to get to Rutgers from New York. If you do arrive at JFK, you can take a series of trains to get to Penn Station New York and then New Brunswick, but will probably want to get a shuttle or other car service.

What do I do after I arrive?
After you arrive, you should stop by the Department of Economics, located in New Jersey Hall, 75 Hamilton Street, New Brunswick, NJ. You will be able to open your computer account on the economics server and register for your classes. International students must register their arrival through the RU Global Portal.

Are there any summer courses offered?
We offer a one-week math review course in mid-August. The review is highly recommended but not mandatory. There is no cost. Even if you do not feel that you need the math review, you might attend as an opportunity to meet your classmates and orient yourself before classes start.

How much money should I bring?
See the information on “Expenses” on the Graduate Admissions website:
Whom should I contact with other questions?
The Economics Graduate Program Coordinator (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or Rutgers Global - International Student and Scholar Services ( may be able to answer questions. If you wish, we can also put you in touch with a current student from your part of the world to advise you based on his or her own experience.