SAS Career Services now has an Internship and Co-op program open to all majors.  The Career Services internship is three credits and is more flexible than departmental-based internship courses in the types of internships that may be used for credit.   Please follow the link below for more information.

The Economics Department Internship Course 01:220:397 is now intended only for students who cannot register for the SAS Career Services Internship.

The Internship in Economics is a one-credit course available only to declared majors in economics with cumulative GPAs of 2.5 or higher.  Students can only take this course one time during their undergraduate years. Grading for the course is on a Pass/No Credit basis.

Please note: the Economics Department will not enter into any form of indemnified or hold-harmless agreement or contract with any person, company, corporation, organization or governmental agency or office regarding any internship.

Students are responsible for obtaining their own internship. 

The internship must be approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies before a student can register for the course.  Only internships that have a direct connection to the field of economics will be approved.  Internships involving sales or “cold calling” will not be approved for the Economics Internship course.

To apply for participation in the Internship in Economics program, students must submit the following information to the Director of Undergraduate Studies before the end of the add/drop period. No late registration in the internship program will be allowed.

  1. A letter to the Director of Undergraduate Studies from the student indicating that he or she is an economics major and a full time student at Rutgers. The student shall also provide his or her class year, student ID number, prior economics courses, email address and phone number. The letter should also include the name and address of the supervisor of the internship.
  2. The student should ask the firm to provide the Director of Undergraduate Studies a detailed description of their internship program. This letter must include an explicit statement that the student will not be involved in sales or “cold calling” as part of the internship.  The firm should also spell out the student’s responsibilities (kind of work, amount of time, start and end date, whether it is a paid or unpaid internship) during the internship period.

After reviewing the information, the Director of Undergraduate Studies has the sole authority to determine if the student shall be eligible to enroll in Internship in Economics. If the internship is approved, the student will be given a special permission number that will enable the student to register for the class. (If the internship is during the summer months, the student will have to register for the one credit course through the summer school.  The student will be responsible for all tuition and fees charged by the summer school.)

Upon completion of the internship the student must write a 10-page paper describing their activities during the internship and specifically linking these activities to some of the concepts, theories and ideas they learned in their economics courses. After the internship ends, the student’s internship supervisor at work must submit a description of the student’s activities and an assessment of student’s work during the internship period. Students cannot receive credit for the course until this paper has been submitted to, and approved by, the Director of Undergraduate Studies. There is an absolute deadline for completion of the paper.  For students participating in an internship in the fall or spring the paper must be handed in on the last day of the reading period before final exams begin.  For students doing an internship in the summer, the paper deadline is September 15.  


Revised July 2012