The traditional Minor in Economics introduces students to both microeconomics and macroeconomics, allows students to explore a variety of economic institutions and economic policies that characterize the modern economy, and provides training in basic data analysis.

This minor requires a total of 18 credits in economics.

Specific requirements for the traditional Minor in Economics:

Three electives or core economics courses (i.e., 300-level economics courses).  One grade of D is allowed for this minor.   The following 300 level courses are the most usual choices for electives by students completing the minor:

"The intermediate core courses (01:220:320, 321 and 322) or any 400-level elective course in economics, may also be used, though additional prerequisites are required for these courses."

Engineering students may use 14:540:343, Engineering Economics, as an elective course for this minor. 

Note that accounting courses cannot be used towards either minor.  Only two courses outside of the Economics Department in Rutgers-New Brunswick will be accepted towards either minor.

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