Undergraduate Awards


2020 Award Winners and Honors Designations


Henry Rutgers Scholar Awards

Awarded to SAS seniors who have completed outstanding research projects leading to a thesis

Mateo Juliani   Amy Nguyen    Vinay Ravinder    Yonatan Shargian

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Economics Honors Research Program

Highest Honors: Mateo Juliani   Amy Nguyen   Vinay Ravinder   Yonatan Shargian  

High Honors: Daniel Milo   Leah Wisniewski

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Sidney I. Simon Award for Outstanding Honors Research Thesis

Awarded for an outstanding thesis in the departmental Honors Research Seminar

Mateo Juliani

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Sidney I. Simon Award for the Outstanding Major in Business Applications of Economics

 Awarded to outstanding economics majors with interest in business

Qi Ren  Kyle Spinweber

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Professor Robert C. Stuart Memorial Award

  Awarded to senior economics major with outstanding performance and involvement in department activities

Kevin Montain  Rachel Straub

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John C. Daniel Award

 Presented to outstanding economics majors

 Samantha Gong   Mateo Juliani   Dan Milo   Vinay Ravinder

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Gerald E. and Doris I. Duguay Endowed Memorial Award

Presented to an outstanding economics major specializing in Financial Economics

 Michelle Wu

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Eugene E. Agger Memorial Award

 Presented to an outstanding economics major

 Harjeet Singh

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Monroe Berkowitz Memorial Award

Presented to an undergraduate student with a distinguished academic record and interest in social policy

 Roshan Vasoya

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Sidney Brown Prize in Undergraduate Economics

Presented to an undergraduate economics major who has demonstrated critical thinking skills in his/her classwork

 Brendan McClure

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Milton Friedman Scholars

 Awarded to outstanding undergraduate majors in honor of our most illustrious alumnus

 Yuchen An   Samantha Gong   Mateo Juliani   Brendan McClure   Dan Milo  

 Kevin Montain   Amy Nguyen   Vinay Ravinder   Qi Ren   Harjeet Singh   Kyle Spinweber  

 Zachary Steinhardt   Rachel Straub   Roshan Vasoya   Michelle Wu

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